Garrett Leight, California Optical

Garrett Leight, California Optical

Garrett Leight California Optical // EWYW on Crown - Harry Notaras

Hitting our shores with a fierce uproar is the arrival of Garrett Leight (Garrett Leight California Optical or GLCO for short). The Collection, think Venice beach sunsets and southern California cool embedded with classic, timeless aesthetics that pay homage to Garrett’s hometown upbringing.

As the son of Oliver Peoples Co-Founder Larry Leight and Cindy Leight, Garrett was brought up with the eyewear design passion that runs through the family blood. Garrett Leight Californian Optical emerged in 2010 and is dedicated to creating classic American designs embodying timeless aesthetics. A collection that is clearly evident of inspirations from his family’s business.

The GLCO collections ensure the highest durability and strength that encompass brilliant detailed craftsmanship of simple, subtle and modern styling. Some examples are strong handsome details of naming his collections after streets in Venice or featuring polarized lenses with etchings of the Venice postal code 90291.

More recently Garrett’s collections have projected to super cool status with the teaming up of GQ’s Best new menswear designer of the year Mark McNairy, this can be true said with an edgy, revival range soon to hit our Australian shores. Stay tuned for more.

Here today Garrett Leight brings to you an eyewear brand like no other, a brand that inspires and reflects past times of, “beauty, youth, art, fashion photography, music, architecture and design” says Garrett Leight. Eyewear is a passion, a love of design that has been inherited from his family.

To check out the latest frames from the Garrett Leight collection come on down to our EyewearYouwear Crown Street store today.

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