ic! Berlin eyewear: designs that set world records

Ralph Anderl is the founder of German brand, ic! Berlin. His story of establishing ic! Berlin is interesting: “I was doing my PhD in cultural sciences – a mixture of literature, art and philosophy when my friends came to me with an idea. They’d designed a screwless frame….”

Despite the unorthodox beginnings, ic! Berlin has grown into a thriving eyewear company who provided us with the world’s first pair of glasses with a screwless hinge; the rims and temples are held together with only a removable clip. This means every frame is light-weight and durable, because no screw, solder or welding is used in their production. Each frame is made from only high-quality materials such as spring steel, exquisite acetate, and 3D-printed polymide. Perhaps more interestingly, each frame can be disassembled and reassembled in seconds (the current world record is 3.3 seconds)!

Ralph designs ic! Berlin for everyone: “they’re designed for people who like functionality – the age doesn’t matter so much.” This brand aim’s to create a frame for every face so that “everyone can find the perfect frame.”

When it comes to ic! Berlin, Ralph continues to focus on innovation, to ensure that he doesn’t become an “expert who is no longer able to see the potential for new ideas.” He engages young people from all walks of life to contribute to his product design and development, and it is this continuous drive for evolution and improvement that has seen ic! Berlin grow into the fabulous brand it is.

Here at Eyewear Youwear, we’re always excited to see what more innovative designs ic! Berlin has to show us!

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