Orgreen Optics 2014

Latest from our International Designers

From international designers Fritz Frames and Orgreen Optics come their latest collection, all available from EyewearYouwear on Crown Street.

Fritz Frames

Fritz Frames // EyewearYouwear on Crown

Fritz Frames are individually handcrafted. A wooden Shipwright by trade, Fritz infuses simplicity and elegance into each and every design.

“Creating glasses enriches my life with beauty and meaning, two of life’s essential rewards” – Fritz Shwartz

Orgreen Optics

Handmade in Japanese colour labs, each pair of Orgreen Optics Frames can take up to 6 months to be worked. Each pair is built in flexible and stylish titanium, resulting in strong and timeless frames for quality conscious individuals.

Orgreen Optics // EyewearYouwear on Crown

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