NVSBLE Vinylize by Tipton

Vinylize by Tipton is the perfect Hungarian designer range for those who love music, are dedicated to quality and believe in individuality! They only accept the best materials and craftsmanship when it comes to forming a Vinylize frame. To guarantee the exceptional quality of Vinylize, every single frame is handcrafted over the course of months in the Budapest workshop. Every frame is unique and represents the work of some of the best talents in the industry. Eyewear Youwear agrees that it is the human touch that truly turns these frames into award winning pieces of art.

Vinylize by Tipton also symbolises the power of transformation. The frames are beautiful physical reminders to reuse, recycle and conserve. The conception of the brand by founder Zachary came after he noticed his father’s old records in the corner of the family garage. After three years, Vinylize was born: a luxurious eyewear brand of exceptional quality based on recycling.

Each frame is big, thick and rugged. The grooves are integral to each design, adding to each frame’s individuality. The NVSBLE range is an exclusive antithesis to the traditional Vinylize range. Only available to certain stockists worldwide, including Eyewear Youwear, these spectacular frames utilise clear vinyl. They are elusive, translucent and transient; the perfect complimentary pair to the bold and powerful traditional Vinylize range.

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