Over a century of style with Moscot

Moscot is a renowned, international eyewear brand. For the past 101 years Moscot has been producing iconic eyewear pieces through their expert fusion of New York City heritage and downtown sensibility.


Moscot first started in New York City, USA by Hyman Moscot. Hyman, an Eastern European migrant started selling ready-made spectacles from a pushcart in the lower east side of Manhattan. In 1925, Hyman’s son Sol joined the family business, opening Moscot’s first retail shop. By 1951 Sol’s son Joel made a strong impact on the brand. Over four generations Moscot became reinvented from the neighbourhood optical shop, to a global, lifestyle brand, beloved worldwide!

Eyewear Youwear has and continues to carry all Moscot collections: Originals, Spirit, Titanium and Sun. The Originals collection are based on styles from the Moscot family archives from the 1930s-1970s. They celebrate timeless design and classic beauty. The Spirit collection moves away from the Originals style, but still maintains theM oscot values of high quality and authentic period details along with distinctive colours and brass temple tip caps. The Titanium collection marries the distinctive characteristics of the Originals with titanium metal to create a streamlines and lightweight Moscot look.

You too can have New York style with the latest Moscot collections available for you in Eyewear Youwear now.


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