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Theo Loves You!

STROOK_PORTRETTheo Loves You! began as a memo and has now developed into the slogan for one of the most well-known Belgian brand of spectacles. The motto connects all aspects of their collections. Launched in 1989, the Theo collections were designed to offer clients something other than the mainstream spectacles of the time. For over a quarter of a century this small family business has developed into a major player in the international optics market.


Eyewear Youwear has been providing our patients with the spectacular ranges from Theo for more than a decade. The new metal Mille models are inspired by the centuries-old Moorish patterns. These patterns are on the inside of the frames which create a beautiful accent, and are available in an array of colours. The latest acetates continue with the juxtaposition of pleasing contrasts; matte and gloss, smooth and rough. These different polishing techniques have been implemented, along with a vast colour collection to create yet another unique, lovable and eye-catching range.


Come in and have a look at the Theo collection at Eyewear Youwear, and remember, theo loves you!



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