Contact Lenses


Contact lenses can now correct almost all eyesight problems including short and long sightedness, astigmatism and age-related reading issues.

The use of contact lenses remains a safe, effective and inexpensive way of achieving clear comfortable vision for many people. Compared to glasses contact lenses enable more ease of wear during sports and leisure activities by providing a wider field of view, less chance of dislodgement, less susceptibility to fogging, slipping off the face due to sweating, and dirt. Contact lenses also allows sunglasses to be worn on top without any hassle.

We stock a wide range of contact lenses from daily disposable and extended wear lenses, to multifocal and special use contact lenses. We can advise you on the best contact lenses for your needs, always at competitive prices.

When using contact lenses we recommend regular eye health checks.

Using contact lenses requires high standards of personal hygiene and strict compliance with instructions given to you by your practitioner. Other than daily disposable lenses, thorough cleaning and maintenance of lenses is a must. This also includes refreshing and replacing your contact lens case and solutions regularly. Always discard solutions as per instructions on bottles and observe strict compliance with wearing schedules.

Never ignore warning signs such as slight irritations that do not go away, redness, blurred vision or discharge. If this does occur, remove the lenses immediately and seek professional advice. 20-30% of soft contact lens wearers endure slight discomfort due to contact lens solution induced irritations. Speak to your practitioner regarding different types which may be more suitable.


If you are an Eyewear Youwear customer and we have your current contact lens prescription on file, you can now order your contact lenses online. Simply fill in the form below and we’ll send you a confirmation of your order by email.


At Eyewear Youwear all medicare and health fund rebates can be processed for immediate payment in store. For further information regarding rebates we suggest contacting your health fund provider prior to your visit. Eyewear Youwear uses HICAPS when processing health fund rebates.

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EWYW use HICAPS to process health fund rebates

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